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Streamline your content management process with the newest and most dynamic, headless content management system (CMS) to improve customer experiences, increase conversion rates, and boost revenue. With Contentful’s content platform and cutting-edge technology, amplify your creative process without limitations and keep content safely stored for your business to reuse, transfer, and upload across multiple digital touchpoints. Manage, create, and design unique content perfectly tailored to your brand without the hard-locked material, embedded codes, and restrictive CMS infrastructure.

About Contentful

Contentful is a leading content platform created to help brands and businesses manage their content while prioritizing the digital experience for end users. With accelerated speed and wider scalability as opposed to traditional CMS platforms, Contentful enables digital stores to manage, create, design, and manipulate content in a seamless and efficient way through API layers and workflows.

Why You Should Choose Contentful + Silk


Make content readily usable and accessible. Easily manage and deliver meaningful content and designs tailored to your brand across multiple digital touchpoints through one centralized platform. Give your team members the ability to create, update, and manage content anytime, anywhere.


Access and manipulate all of your content via flexible APIs. Seamlessly and easily integrate with different systems so you can manage content on your website, mobile app, and other front-ended channels through API layers. Bring content from multiple sources and publish it to any digital channel.


Create and manage digital content across multiple digital touchpoints and devices without stressing about server capacity or infrastructure limitations. Contentful’s cloud-based platform allows your business to increase, decrease, and manipulate content or data to meet your brand’s evolving and changing demands.


Improve the user experience to increase customer conversion rates with personalized content delivered straight to your shoppers. With built-in versioning and granular user permissions, control previous and updated content on your site while tracking content changes and pushing relevant content towards your customers.

Elevate your Digital Experience With Silk

With Silk’s expertise in headless commerce and the Contentful platform, our training and experience gives your business an advantage to surpass competitors in your specific industry. We’ll walk your business through each step of the implementation process so you can get started and manage your site on a new content platform to provide customers and users with a unique and personalized digital experience.

As a certified Bronze Contentful Solution Partner, Silk provides a comprehensive suite of digital services perfectly tailored for your brand. From business consulting and engaging design to full-scale development and digital marketing, Silk is your go-to digital agency for implementing and leveraging Contentful to meet all your content needs.

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Using Contentful to power its digital content, Gildan can manage content in over 17 languages across 3 different sites

Using Contentful to power its digital content, Gildan can manage content in over 17 languages across 3 different sites


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