Taking your brand direct-to-consumer has never been easier. With evolving buyer expectations, it has become common practice for consumers to buy products online directly from a brand’s website. Ecommerce not only increases growth online but can drive demand to offline channels and benefit physical stores as well. Both B2B and retail businesses looking to thrive need to digitize their stores in a way that meets customers’ expectations, builds loyalty, and creates brand value.

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Meet Rising Customer Expectations for a Digital Experience

Ecommerce has made it possible to buy and sell just about anything online and shows no signs of slowing down. As this trend continues to shape the way buyers purchase their goods, leveraging a direct-to-consumer model gives brands more control over their customer data, profitability, and customer experience.

Capture Customer Data
Gain better insights and metrics into how shoppers are interacting with your website and learn more about the users who are shopping for your products.

Generate More Revenue
Maximize your sales channels and make it easy for buyers to find and purchase your products on any device wherever and whenever they choose to shop.

Build Customer Loyalty
Attract and engage users at every touchpoint on your website across the entire buying journey from the moment they land on your site to the moment of purchase.

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Tools for a Successful Online Retail Experience

Before ever stepping foot into a physical store, shoppers are encountering various digital touchpoints as they go through their decision-making process. They can research product details, find customer reviews and recommendations, as well as compare pricing. Pairing together offline strengths and online advantages is the key to improving interactions with customers whether they choose to buy online or in store.

Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS)

Provide customers with the ease of purchasing items online while allowing them to pick them up in-store. Improve the shopping experience by giving customers the opportunity to place orders from the comfort and safety of their own home and collect the items ordered in-store at their earliest convenience.

Eliminate the barriers of shipping and processing and increase in-store foot traffic. Utilizing a physical store as a place of fulfillment for online sales, get your products in the hands of customers faster.


Enable sales representatives in your physical store locations to help customers order and buy products online that are out-of-stock in store. This mobile app is operated directly by your sales reps and allows them to search, order, and complete purchase of products in-store through the app on behalf of a customer.

Boost the performance of your in-store sales team with an app that provides sales and reporting tools they need to go beyond traditional offline-only capabilities and better serve customers.


Make use of customer data to create personalized and compelling customer offers. Build customized loyalty and rewards programs that encourage repeat purchases and social engagement that are synchronized across offline and online channels. Drive conversions and boost retention of existing customers as you engage with new ones.

Seize the opportunity to implement successful marketing practices that effectively combine the in-store brand experience with targeted online promotions.


Synchronize your data across channels with a single, comprehensive view of orders, customers, inventory, and more. Develop an integration strategy that makes sure your offline and online data for products, accounting, and other information pieces are accessible and up to date between your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and eCommerce platform.

Give teams across your organization an accurate view of data needed to streamline business processes and improve operations while cutting down on manual data management.


Process sales, accept payments, and effectively manage operations and in-store purchases. Ensure accurate reporting and eliminate data entry errors. Sync your catalog across your physical and online stores and get a multitude of payment processing options for both in-person and online transactions.

Seamlessly connect your online store with your point of sale solution. Sync your order data and get accurate inventory updates whenever orders are placed online or offline.

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